American Touch Up Automotive Lens Tinting Instructions:

Our Lens Tint is a single staged translucent black paint for Tail Lights, Fog Lights, Turn Indicators etc. (For Off Road Use Only). This formula includes a clear coat, so one is not required. The finish will come out to a Satin finish, and you may use extra coats of a reliable clear coat after to give it more sheen if you’d like. Once Applied it will dry to touch in about 1 hour. Once applied to plastic it is not guaranteed to be satisfactorily removed, however you can try to remove it with acetone if you need.

Aerosol Spray can is a 10oz by weight and will easily cover with multiple coats on Tail Lights, Fog Lights, Turn Indicators etc.


Make sure to thoroughly clean your surface with Soap and water. You can give the lights a wet sand with a high grit sand paper to remove any discoloration or pesky particles.

Use the the tape and drape provided in our kit with the scraper to tape the area carefully around each area you would like to spray. Use the scraper to get the tape into hard to reach corners so you create a nice seal. Unfold tape and drape plastic out over rest of area you are trying to avoid getting overspray onto and cover and tape any other areas you think overspray can get onto.

Clean with Wax and Grease remover, apply with clean soft cotton or approved tack cloth only as paper products or dirty fabrics will scratch your paint surface. Once area is completely clean and dry you are ready to spray!


In most spraying situations you want to make sure, that your spray can, air temperature, surface temperature are all around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the air humidity is no greater than 50-60%.


Test spray a piece of cardboard to check fan spray nozzle position and consistency of spray pattern. Once ready, hold spray can between 6-8 inches away from your surface. Spray in a consistent smooth left to right motion overlapping 1/4th of the previous pass as you work your way down. Wait 10-15 minutes between each coat.

Make sure to continuously wipe your spray nozzle to clear any build up that my cause a splatter.

We would recommend at least 2-3 coats however the more coats the darker the tint, and the amount is up to your discretion. You can turn your lights on during spraying to check tint strength. Check with your local and state laws before applying this product to your vehicle. It is recommended for off road use only. Let tint dry for 24 hours before taking your vehicle out!

How to Tint your Tail Lights Videos: